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OldBot AdminOldBot v5.2.5 (EN)
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Released the version 5.2.5 of OldBot, check below the release notes of this version:

After BETA:
  • [Targeting] Added new function to play an alarm or play alarm and exit the game when a not listed target is found (players, unexpected monsters, etc);
  • [Cavebot] Added new Special Action to add/remove monsters on the monster list to attack, making possible to add monsters that only appear on certain places of the map and remove them posteriorly;
  • [GUI][Targeting] Improvements on Targeting screen;
New features:
  • [Cavebot] Added new Special Action "Click on screen position";
  • [Cavebot] Added new Special Action "Change waypoint check time" - can be used to let the script faster or slower depending on the place/waypoint it is;
  • [Cavebot] Added new Special Action "Play alarm sound" - can be used in together with some condition to create many types of alarms;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Added possibility to choose how many times the item will be used repeatedly on "Use item" (Rope/Shovel/Pick) waypoint - to be used on desert holes, for example;
  • Changed the check of login token to avoid invalid login token error;
  • [Cavebot] Improved the mounster count on Battle in the "Luring Mode" Special Action, before it was counted only monsters with the green bar, now are counted monsters with the life until "red" (20~% or higher);
  • [GUI] Changed the interval of the function "Keep VM active" to do the activation every 2,5 seconds instead of 5 seconds;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Changed the "weird" edit of the field "waypoint check time";
  • [GUI][Healer] Added a maximun limit of check delay to 150ms, to avoid problems/excessive PC resource comsumption
  • [GUI][Targeting] Small improvements on the Targeting screen;
  • Removed the "Hold right click" feature;
  • Fixed bug on the functioning of many functions when using on OT servers (outside the VM);
  • [Targeting] Corrigido bug onde aparecia uma "message box" no Targeting devido a função "Mostrar posição do target";
  • [Targeting] Fixed bug where appeared a "message box" on Targeting due to the "Show target position" function;
  • [Cavebot] Fixed bug on the anti-trap function to exit after X minutes;
I am the admin, to contact me please send a message only on Facebook page .
For all the information about acquiring OldBot, please visit this page.

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