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OldBot AdminOldBot v5.3.1 BETA_1 (EN)
Para a versão em português deste post, clique aqui.

Released the version 5.3.1 BETA_1 of OldBot, check below the release notes of this version:

Remembering that BETA versions are not of obligatory usage, you can use it to help testing the new version and report bugs found before the release of the official version(stable).

New features:
  • Added module of AHK Scripts independently of the Cavebot, so that they can be used like a normal function of OldBot, can be started throught the bot's interface;
  • [AHK Script] Added Auto Reconnect script of WeAreTibia OT;
  • [Cavebot] Added function to re-enable the Targeting after X tries of "untrap" when the anti-trap is in action;
  • [Targeting] Added option to search for the current monster in the next position on Battle Window when stopping to attack due to low life - for online training with monsters that heal themselves(taking turns the attack) like gargoyle, mad sheep, monk, etc;
  • [Auto reconnect] Added warn in case the password has special characters (@,!,?,*,#,%);
  • [Cavebot] Added more non-walkable SQMS in the recognition of the Anti-trap function to walk over fields, parcels, etc;
  • [Looter] Change on the click speed around to loot, now it's much more faster;
  • [Targeting] Added automatic function to disable/enable the Targeting when doing Special Actions that use the mouse/keyboard, to avoid the action being interrupted by the Targeting;
  • [Targeting] Removed the mana condition of the attack spells, to make it faster and more optimized;
  • [Targeting] Great improvement on the attack spells of Targeting, fixed the cooldown wait of the spells that were weird(sometimes it took more time than the correct), now the monster count is done everytime before using the  spell(and not only before attacking the monster, like it was), the spell rotation is much better and respecting the cooldown and monster count correctly;
  • Fixed the renew of spells(auto haste, utamo, etc) that was not working correctly depending on the VM window size;
  • [Cavebot] Corrigido bug na Special Action ao pressionar hotkeys com F(F1, F2...);
  • [Cavebot] Fixed bug in the Press Key Special Action, when pressiong hotkeys with F (F1, F2...);
  • [Cavebot] Fixed bug in the cap recognition of the number "43";
  • [Cavebot] Removed "non preditec..." message that could appear in the anti-trap function;
  • [Targeting] Fixed Targeting on the client of WeAreTibia OT;
  • [Targeting] Fixed the function to use item on the monster corpse after killing it(obsidian knife, blessed wooden stake, etc);
  • [Targeting] Fixed bug when attacking a Troll, that didn't recognize when stopping attacking it;
I am the admin, to contact me please send a message only on Facebook page .
For all the information about acquiring OldBot, please visit this page.

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