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List of current AHK Scripts available of OldBot, all of them go with the bot when you download it.

  1. auto reconnect WeAreTibia;
  2. battle window not empty alarm or exit;
  3. low life alarm;
  4. low mana alarm;
  5. low stamina alarm or exit;
  6. rotate character to direction;
  7. start amulet refill;
  8. start auto haste;
  9. start ring refill;
  10. start soft boots refill;
  11. stop amulet refill;
  12. stop auto haste;
  13. stop ring refill;
  14. stop soft boots refill;

AHK Scripts are AutoHotkey scripts that can do almost anything! They are full compatible with OldBot. 
So with it we are able to add every function/feature that the bot itself doesn't have yet, without needing to release a new version of OldBot, just running the new AutoHotkey script file.
I am the admin, to contact me please send a message only on Facebook page .
For all the information about acquiring OldBot, please visit this page.

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