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OldBot AdminOldBot v5.2.3 BETA_2 (EN)
Para a versão em português deste post, clique aqui.

Released the version 5.3.0 BETA_2 of OldBot, check below the release notes of this version:

Changes/fixes after on BETA_2:
  • [Cavebot] Improvement on the functioning of the Cavebot, for the search of the current waypoint be done right after stop to kill some monster, increasing the exp/h;
  • [Cavebot] The waypoint check time is now saved individually by script, it is not a global setting anymore;
  • [Targeting] Added option to select the Targeting clicks speed(fast or slow), to work better on weak computers;
  • Added new Cavebot scripts:
    1. Dwarf Soldiers and Guards cave 1 kazordoon v1.0;
    2. Dwarf Soldiers and Guards Soldier Hell kazordoon v1.0;
New features:
  • [Cavebot] Added progress bar when starting the Cavebot/Targeting;
  • [Cavebot] Added new special keys on the Special Action to press a hotkey (esc, delete, tab, enter);
  • [Cavebot] Added new Special Action to write a text;
  • [Cavebot] Added new Special Action to check trash to drop, to trop only at specific places saving time instead of searching for trash each time after killing the monsters, increasing the exp/h;
  • [Cavebot] Added new Special Action to disable the disconnected checking, to allow making scripts that interact with the client even with the char not logged;
  • [Cavebot] Added new Special Action to show a MessageBox on screen;
  • [GUI][Targeting] The Targeting screen has been remade completely for a better usage and organization;
  • [Targeting] Added indivitual option in the monster to not loot it;
  • [Targeting] Good part of the Targeting module was remade and now it is EXTREMELY fast;
  • [Targeting] Improvement on the speed of the click around to loot;
  • Many changes on the bot's core to avoid crashs and freezes during the usage;
  • Improvement on the Auto Reconnect screen when decrypting passwords;
  • Improvement on the key sending system of the Targeting and Healer to avoid conflicts on hardcore hunts;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Fixed bug when deleting multiple waypoints;
  • [Cavebot] Fixed bug on the cap recognition with the cap having the number zero (ex: 408);
  • [Targeting] Fixed bug where the Targeting got bugged when starting with the Looter disabled;
I am the admin, to contact me please send a message on Facebook page.
For more information about acquiring OldBot, please visit this page.

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