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OldBot AdminOLDBOT v5.2.9 (EN)
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Released the version 5.2.9 of OldBot, check below the release notes of this version:

Changes/fixes after BETA_1:
  • Fixed bug on Auto Reconnect where sometimes it didn't find the E-mail field and typed in the password;
  • [Cavebot] Added limit of 250 screenshots on Cavebot folder to control the disk space usage;
  • [Cavebot] Fixed bug on take screenshot on death function;
  • [Cavebot] Fixed bug on the recognition of potion/supply on OT servers;
  • [GUI] Added "forgot password" button on login screen;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Many improvements on the GUI to make easier to load, save, delete and create a new script(double click on script list);
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Improvements on the Cavebot screen to load and open faster;
  • [GUI][Targeting] Improvements on the Targeting screen to load and open faster;
  • [GUI][Targeting] Fixed bug where when editing the monster's priority the monster list was duplicated;
  • Some Cavebot scrits were revised and were added the monsters to attack, images of where to start and markings images;
  • Added new Cavebot scripts:
    1. Amazon Camp Venore surface only v1.0;
    2. Amazon Camp North Carlin v1.0;
    3. Dawnport Swamps East Stairs v1.0;
    4. Salamanders North Cave Venore v1.0;
    5. Salamanders North-West Cave Venore v1.0;
    6. Salamanders South Cave Venore v1.0;
    7. Rorc Camp Orc Fortress Abdendriel v1.1 (fixed waypoints with error when loading);
    8. Wasp Cave Thais v1.0;
    9. WeAreTibia Trolls North Thais v1.0
New features:
  • [GUI][Looter] Now it's possible to delete a "trash item" individually(and not only the last one like it was before);
  • [Geral] Due to the new client used, the monster list on  "Battleye ON" comes from the file  "monsters_li.ini" and not anymore from "monsters.ini", this is to keep a "database" of the monsters for the normal client and an alternative database for the client currently used;
  • Improvements on the "Gaming Mode" function, it is shown a little panel in the top of the screen with the Status of the function;
  • [Targeting] Big part of the Targeting module was re-developed to make it faster and work correctly;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Changes on the function to delete waypoints to be faster;
  • [GUI] Small general improvements on "Hotkeys" and "Targeting" interface;
  • [Cavebot] Fixed the script "Travel - Venore to Thais";
  • Fix of many functions that were not working due to the new client:
    • [Cavebot] Exit game if stuck for more than X minutes;
    • [Cavebot] Cap check - improved the recognition speed and fixed a bug when recognizing the cap when the number ended with zero, ex: 20, 500, 1000...;
    • [Cavebot] Potion/supply check - improved the recognition speed;
    • [Cavebot] Special Action de depositer;
    • [Cavebot] Depositer Special Action;
    • [Cavebot] Exit game Special Action;
    • [Cavebot] Buy item on NPC Special Action;
    • [Cavebot] Sell item on NPC Special Action;
    • [Cavebot] Send message Special Action;
    • [Cavebot] Send deposit messages Special Action;
    • [Targeting] Distance attack mode;
    • [Targeting] Close text boxes(letters, parchments...);
    • [Targeting] Keep diagonal of monster;
    • [Targeting] Not listed target alarm(player, etc);
    • [Targeting] Fixed bug where it was not holding the attack on the Targeting when playing with 300ms+ of ping(it was attacaking and "unnattacking");
I am the admin, to contact me please send a message on Facebook page.
For more information about acquiring OldBot, please visit this page.

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