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NvSo[Post Under Construction] Cavebot - How Actions Work
The purpose of this topic is to explain in detail how each type of Cavebot action works. For "action", we will use the terms "normal action" and "Special Action".

Normal Actions:
These are simple actions that do not require extra validation. Whenever a normal action is not found (the waypoint image is not "seen" by the bot on the minimap), it is then skipped to the next waypoint, increasingly, unless a "go to waypoint X" Special Action "Go to label" change this order by sending it to another waypoint.

- walk
Action used to search for a waypoint image in the minimap, and when it finds it, click on the center position of the image to walk to the location.

Normal Actions with extra validations and markers:
- Ladder
- Rope
- Shovel
- Pick

In these actions, after the "Walk" waypoint is searched for the char "white cross" image on the minimap, if the cross image is found, it is then returned to the previous "Walk" waypoint, since it is understood that the char did not arrive because it is not below the mark (when it reaches the mark, the white cross is covered by it and is no longer located).

If the waypoint preceding one of these actions is a Special Action, this action is ignored and will be continued to the next waypoint without performing this validation.

Special Actions:

Special Action is a complex OldBot unique action system designed and developed to perform any specific action. Because of this, before a Special Action is executed, it undergoes a special verification / validation (in addition to its specific verification).

It is first checked if the last "normal action" waypoint was found, ie if before performing Special Action the char actually walked to the last waypoint, or climbed a hole / ladder to prevent the Special Action action from being performed. somewhere where it shouldn't.

If the last normal action was not performed, then an attempt is made to return to the last waypoint with the normal action, for example:

-Suppose Waypoint 3 is a "Walk" waypoint, and Waypoint 4 is a "Minimap Zoom" Special Action;

-It will check if Waypoint 3 was previously located (if the char clicked to go to it), and if not, it will then be returned to Waypoint 3, where a new waypoint search will be performed;

-If the waypoint is not found, then Waypoint 3 is ignored and Waypoint 4 Special Action will be executed, along with the next normal actions, once again falling into a Special Action, this check will again be made.

NOTE: Be careful when starting a script that has Special Actions anywhere other than your defined starting point, because if you don't find any "normal action" waypoints, Special Actions actions will be done wherever you are.

This post is not yet finalized and will gain more content.

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