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OldBot AdminOldBot v5.2.8 (EN)
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Released the version 5.2.8 of OldBot, check below the release notes of this version:
Changes/fixes on BETA_5:
  • General changes after we bypass BattlEye;
  • [Targeting] Changes on the automatic detection of the new Battle Window;
Changes/fixes on BETA_4:
  • [Targeting] Improved dramatically the speed of the Targeting in general;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Fixed bug when saving a script;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Fixed bug when saving a waypoint with Special Action to change minimap zoom;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Fixed bug the speed of moving waypoints down (it was slower then moving up);
Changes/fixes on BETA_3:
  • [Cavebot] Improved the "Press key" Special Action, now you can select how many times the key will be pressed, to not need anymore to add many equal waypoints to press a key many times;
  • [Targeting] Added function to use spells with only 1 monster on screen, and ignore this spell to not be used when there are 2+ monsters(focus on area spells - example: use 'exori gran' with 2+ monsters and 'exori hur' only with 1 monster);
  • [Targeting] Fixed the Targeting on old/custom clients (OTClient, Medivia, etc);
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Fixed bug where when left blank the waypoint description the new description was not saved;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Fixes and improvements when changing a waypoint of "walk/ladder" to "use item" waypoint(shovel, pick, rope);
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Added translations to English on the "?" buttons on Cavebot settings referent to the refiller (buttons of NPCs Trade window, etc) - those settings only appear when the selected client is different of Tibia 11/12;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Added translation to English in all Special Actions that were still mising, you will see them on the "Wiki - Speciall Action" button, besides changes/updates on some of the informations;
  • [GUI][Targeting] Added function to delete the image of the valuable loots individually(and not only the last one);
Changes/fixes on BETA_2:
  • [Cavebot] Fixed bug when buying items when it is zero the potion/supply amount;
  • [Cavebot] Fixed bug when pressiong "Ctrl" during the item purchase;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Improvement on the Special Action informations screen;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Changed the functioning of the funtion to Move Waypoint, now you choose the position you want the waypoint to be, and no more the amount to move up or down;
New functions:
  • [Cavebot] Added new Special Action "Refiller config", that centralize the settings of all refiller waypoints of the script;
  • [Cavebot] Adicionado as potions "Ultimate" e "Supreme" no check de potions para refillar;
  • [Cavebot] Added button to let the Cavebot panel smaller(minimize);
  • [Looter] Added limit of 30 tries to drop a item(trash) of the BP, to not get stuck forever trying to drop in case some problem happens;
  • [GUI][Healer] Added button with informatins of the needed settings of the client/windows for the Healer;
  • [Cavebot] Added more items on the supply check to refill:
    1. ---- Distance ----
    2. Assassin star;
    3. Drill bolt;
    4. Earth arrow;
    5. Envenomed arrow;
    6. Shiver arrow;
    7. Prismatic bolt;
    8. ---- Runes ----
    9. Energy bomb rune;
    10. Energy field rune;
    11. Magic wall rune;
    12. Poison bomb rune;
    13. Stone shower rune;
    14. Ultimate healing rune;
  • Added validation in case the user has more than one monitor, showing a warning informing that the bot and Tibia must be opened on the main monitor;
  • [Healer] Performance improvement to increase the speed(faster);
  • [Cavebot] Improvement in the Special Action to buy item on NPC, now it is much more faster;
  • [Cavebot] Improvement in the function to recognize the char position, now it is faster and more accurate;
  • [GUI][Cavebot] Improvements on the waypoint edit screen with condition of potion/supply;
  • [Targeting] Removed the message "target outranged" when using the distance attack mode, now it is also faster to enable the "Follow Attack" when the monster runs;
  • [Cavebot] Fixed a bug where it was not calculated the different of items(suppy) with those that was already in the BP to buy;
  • [Cavebot] Fixed bug on the potions/supply recognition with quantities that had the number 2;
  • [Cavebot] Fixed the "Transparent" checkbox of the Cavebot logs window;
  • [Looter] Corrigido bug na função de procurar por loot valioso para lootear que estava fazendo buscas desnecessárias fazendo com que demorasse mais para voltar a atacar os monstros;
  • [Looter] Fixed bug in the function to search for valuable loot that was doing unnecessary searches making that would take longer to get back to attack the monsters;
New Special Action "Refiller Config":
[Imagem: FUTPbf9D2ipj6Ye0PloOEANBGZ_hhKCOaOn-1thZ...50-h457-no]
I am the admin, to contact me please send a message on Facebook page.
For more information about acquiring OldBot, please visit this page.
BETA_4 released!
I am the admin, to contact me please send a message on Facebook page.
For more information about acquiring OldBot, please visit this page.
BETA_5 released!
I am the admin, to contact me please send a message on Facebook page.
For more information about acquiring OldBot, please visit this page.

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